Spring Outdoors- Kid Craft Kit

Spring Outdoors- Kid Craft Kit

Add paint and brush

Bring the outdoors inside with this adorable springtime Kid Craft Kit! All of the pieces come cut and ready to glue. Have your little one create a tree, flower, butterflies, the sun and a birds nest....all in one kit! With 15 cut accessories and glue included, this kit comes ready for craft time! You could buy the paper and foam, cut all of these pieces at home, then clean up the mess finally starting your craft...or you can get a kit that requires no prep time! Less mess=Less stress!

  • Included:

    Cut craft foam, cut card stock, paper placemat, glue stick, butterfly diamonds (2) and step by step instructions!

  • Shipping:

    Our Kid Crafts ship within 1-2 Business Days! Quick and FREE shipping!