Floss Like A Boss Craft Jar Kit

Floss Like A Boss Craft Jar Kit

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Ever find yourself looking for the toothpaste and wondering why it moved from where you left it last? Yea same here...almost daily until we created a jar completely suitable for any bathroom! A little motivation to floss and alot of motivation to keep the toothpaste in one location! Place this next to your toothbrush stand or use it as the new toothbrush holder to remind everyone in your house to FLOSS LIKE A BOSS! Create a custom piece all on your own and avoid the over priced decor at the stores! Customize the paint (optional), gem and decal color, then select your jar style. We will package your custom supplies and have your jar out to you in no time! 

  • Included:

    Jar (mug or candle holder), lid, twine, paint and brush (optional), placemat, gems, gluedots, decal, transfer paper, decal pusher, battery operated candle and step by step instructions. 

  • Shipping:

    All Jars ship within 1-2 Business Days!