Dog Kisses Air Freshener DIY Kit

Dog Kisses Air Freshener DIY Kit

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BEWARE of all the dog kisses in this household! Introducing our "Beware of Dog Kisses Air Freshener Kit".. you read that right... not only is this jar a warning for all the dog slobber to come, but it also serves as an air freshener with a cutout lid and a bag of scented potpourri. DIY this kit to add a unique touch and scent to any room.  

  • Included:

    16 oz glass jar, cutout lid, potpourri (scented), paint with a brush, gems, glue dots, LED candle, sanding stick, decal, transfer paper, decal pusher, placemat, and step by step instruction.

  • Shipping:

    All jars ship within 1-2 business days.