Premium Craft Jar Kits

Our Premium Craft Jar Kits take crafting to the next level! Along with premium supplies and accessories, these kits come with Exclusive Accessories and Larger Decals that wrap around the jar, or 2 small decals for the front and the back, allowing every DIYer to make the most of their DIY project!

Make an Air freshener

These kits come with a slotted lid and a bag of beach scented potpourri.



Make a Customized Mug

This Kit is much like our OG kits, but so much better! Providing a metal straw of choice and a lid with a straw hole popped out, all you would need is a beverage!



Make a Flower vase

These kits come with artificial flowers and a DIY beaded jar neck wrap! Spend some time crafting up a new piece of antique decor the DIY style!



Make a Soap/lotion dispenser

This kit comes with a Dispenser Lid to kindly spread nonverbal hints of motivation to wash those hands!



Make a  Hanging Candle Holder!

Beads, wire, paint, and FUN come with this kit! Learn how to make an Antique Hanging Holder for your beautiful masterpiece!