A little motivation to get through this time!

Updated: Mar 28

With the fear that may be produced by the problems in our society today, it's very important to take a breather..take a little "me time" to truly unwind. Though it is a hard topic, all of us at Crafts In A Jar wishes everyone stays healthy, stay productive and stay home if possible! Remember we may all be isolated, we are all alone together!

What can we do?

STAY HOME if at all possible!! I am shocked at the amount of people I still see wandering around and in GROUPS!! If that walk around the lake or that new flavor chip are non essentials we should work to stay indoors more and focus on keeping our society person at a time.

Now we don't want you to go stir-crazy while indoors..but it should be an importance not to risk getting anyone sick, especially with the chance of being a carrier with no symptoms!

5 Tricks to stay sane while staying inside!

1. Create an "indoor' workout routine that adapts to the gyms closing.

*Just because the gyms are closed, doesn't mean your routine has to as well! Customize your routine to match an "indoor" routine!

2. DIY with our Craft Jar Kits and Kid Craft Kits!

*With tons of designs to choose from including any custom idea you can imagine, these kits will keep you busy for days! Find these at

3. Have an "at home" spa day.

*All of us need some TLC time so go gather all of your spa supplies and head to a comfy spot to imitate that spa feel and update that polish color!

4. Rearrange your home.

*It's always nice to have a new feel to the environment surrounding us, especially when you are isolated in that area for an undesired amount of time.

5. Write letters to send loved ones.

*Remember, we are all alone together..getting a little note in the mail would definitely brighten my day!

While these are only a few ideas, remember to switch up your "indoor" routine everyday so you can avoid the shock of getting back into everyday life. Whether you move your work desk to another window in your home or you're adapting your workout routine to fit an at home style.... there are tons of ways to stay YOU while staying isolated! From all of us at Crafts In A Jar, stay healthy!