Welcome to our blog! FT: Tips for a breezy DIY experience!

When it comes to DIY, there are so many ways to do it right! We have gathered of few of our "go-to tips" that we use on almost all of our "Finished Jars".

When customizing your color options:

It may become overwhelming selecting colors for so many different options, but with more customization comes a better experience for you! Take your time selecting the colors, think of how that gem would look with that paint or avoid paint and go with a colorful decal instead! The colorful decals offered have a strong grip on them, making them very suitable to stand alone without paint.

To paint or not to paint..that is the question!

When deciding on this consider these thoughts:

  • Do you want your design to stand out with a candle?

Painting your jar allows you to peel your design back, revealing a clean-cut image that can be amplified using the candle included.

  • Do you prefer an awesome decal color to stand out on your jar:

We recommend selecting our black decal color for any jars being painted. If you prefer the elegant look of our colorful decals you can either:

  • 1) Paint your jar and then apply the decal or you can

  • 2) Skip the paint altogether and create a simple yet unique look with added gems!

No matter what you do, make it youNIQUE!

You can't go wrong when you are customizing your kit!

Get to customizing and enjoy our unique experience! If you have any questions at all, please reach out! My email is and I am always here for you!