Monthly Subscriptions

Why not start the month off right with new crafts that are 100% ready to create!! Our monthly subscriptions feature Holiday and seasonal crafts designed to suit each month personally!

Monthly Craft Jar Kits

Arriving monthly with kits focused on the seasons and holidays to come! 

Kid Craft Kits

Arriving monthly to save the fussy moment and allowing your little one to create holiday magic!

1-2 Crafts Monthly

Subscribe for 1 or 2 kits monthly. Each box comes filled with a kit to create holiday/seasonal decor. 


All Monthly Jars ship on the 5th of every month! 

Monthly Subscriptions work great for busy adults! Our monthly jars are a great way to save some money, and explore different crafts with no time wasted at the craft store. Our Monthly jars feature the present months Season or Holiday, always producing a crafty surprise for everyone!