My design sticker is not sticking to the transfer paper!

Slide the flat part of your lid across the design and transfer paper to quickly remove air bubbles. 

How do I get my design off after the paint has dried?

Carefully use the stencil pusher to push the design. Use fingers and tool to remove! 

How long until my product ships?

All Jars ship within 1-2 business days. 

Bulk orders specified upon checkout. 

When does my monthly box ship?

All Monthly Subscription boxes ship on the 14th of every month!

How can I get a custom design?

Email us at any point with your requests! We will review design and get back to you ASAP!

What decal do I use if I want to paint and peel my design?

We recommend using the black decal for decals that are going to be peeled. Of course if you decide to paint your jar before putting the decal on, we have a large selection of awesome colors to select!