Craft Jar Kits

Our Craft Jar Kits come filled with premium supplies and accessories to create unique candle holders, mugs, night lights, reward jars, and so much more! When your customized kit arrives in our beautiful packaging, get ready to DIY so good that people will ask where you bought it.  

Selecting your style

Clear Design 

One of our favorite styles is the Clear Design! First, apply the glossy black decal, paint, let it dry, peel and decorate! 

Paint with Decal

We love this style because we get the best of both worlds! First, paint the jar, let it dry, apply the decal, and decorate!

Decal Only Design

One of our favorite styles to use for mugs is Decal Only! First, apply the decal then decorate it!  Select "No Paint" under paint options.

Customizing your kit just got easier! First, select the color scheme for your kit. (If you want the Clear Design look, select the Black decal color) 

*Select kits are already personalized for you!









Next, select the paint color for your kit, if you want to paint your jar!  Select "No Paint" if you wish to skip the paint.










Then, our crafty experts fill each kit with the personalized supplies and they are delivered to your door, ready to DIY! 

Now, let's get to customizing!

Your Experience:

We promise you will love your crafting experience with us, and if for any reason you do not, we ensure you that we will make it right!

We want you to have a blast while creating something so unique!

Our promise to you!


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