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Our Craft Jar Kits create the ultimate DIY experience and they are the first Craft Kits that are customized to your liking!! Each kit arrives with all of the supplies needed to make unique jars, mugs and much more! These are great for those nights in, workshops, gatherings, and just for an awesome DIY experience without the hassle of gathering all of the supplies! 

Customized gifts can be tricky to find, until now! This page offers some of our FAVORITE exclusive shops, all in one place! Each shop has its own unique brand that offers beautiful decor, gifts, drinkware, clothing and so much more...and get this.. it can all be CUSTOMIZED! With the refrences provided on this page, it couldn't be easier to find that unique piece!

Our Kid Craft Kits come filled with cut templates, glue, accessories, directions and a place mat to keep everything a little neater!  These are so much fun for kids to explore and really gets their imaginations flowing!  Quick crafts at a great price sounds like a win for any parent. Our Kid Crafts update monthly, subscribe below to receive our Crafty Newsletter and become apart of our crafty community!


Hello! My name is Amber Coombe and I am the founder of Crafts In A Jar and most importantly a mother to my beautiful twin toddlers. I have spent a lot of time looking up crafts for my kids and for myself (a little me time) but after finding generic crafts which called for about 6 to 7 different items from the craft store, I was determined to make crafting convenient, more affordable and enjoyable for everyone.


Crafts in A Jar takes crafting and simplifies it by providing all of the supplies needed for each project as well as cut and ready to go templates, accessories, and directions. We offer Finished Designed Jars, which come decorated for you. Craft Jar Kits, which come filled with all of the supplies needed to make awesome jars, and Kid Craft Kits, which are $5.99 and come completely ready to go..they're a steal! Each Jar is filled with love and crafted with you in mind! I hope you enjoy our way of making beautiful decor, mugs, storage, and memories!!

Image by Milan Popovic
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